NewCo Pro tackles one of the world’s greatest challenges; access to clean water. Our innovative Sydney 905 Filters are proven to be one of the fastest, easiest, highly efficient and most cost effective methods in assisting distressed communities to obtain safe water, regardless of water source.


The Problem
(Source: WHO, UN & Statista)

people lack access to safely managed drinking water

people have been displaced in the last decde as a result of natural and man-made disasters

people die annually in emerging countries as a result of waterborne diseases

The Global Water Crisis
represents a global social and environmental challenge that NewCo Pro is dedicated to improving in order to make a positive difference.

Contamination of groundwater sources leads to spread of waterborne diseases.

The company

NewCo Pro Service & Trade Gmbh (“NewCo Pro”), incorporated under the laws of Germany in 2021, has partnered with Sydney 905 Filters (Pty) Ltd, based in South Africa, to act as the worldwide Sales Agent responsible for the international sales and distribution of water filters. The company has also founded NewCo Pro India to act as Sales Agent responsible for the production, sales and distribution of water filters in India.

Mission Statement

  • To proactively solve for global social and environmental challenges.
  • Our core focus is to identify and develop key social and environmental initiatives, fueled by innovative technologies, to empower WASH projects, NGO’s and Aid Organisations around the globe.
  • Utilizes Ion Exchange and Hollow Fibre Medical technology.
  • Equipped with 0,1 Micron membrane Point-of-Use (POU) microfiltration pores for superior filtration, twice as safe as most common filters.
  • Operates with gravity systems, pressurized piped systems or portable plastic bottles.
  • High flow rate (50l per hour) from gravity fed to approximately 2.5 bars pressure.
  • 100% Sustainable with no replacement cartridges, chemicals or spare kits required.
  • Manufactured from durable materials for extended life-span.
  • Cost effective, highly efficient, portable, most versatile and fully sustainable.
  • Augments or replaces any existing water supply systems, whether improved or unimproved, urban or rural.



Water is fed through the filter using gravity, with no piped pressure.


Water is fed through the filter from a tap and pressurized piped system.


Water is consumed directly from a portable water bottle, passing first through the filter.

Benefits of
Sydney 905 Filters

  • Certified by WHO to be Log 7.2, far exceeding WHO standards for the removal of microbiological contamination in water, and thus 99.999992% effective in the removal of all microplastics and *pathogens from water, which includes Cholera, E-coli, Salmonella, and many viruses.
  • Easy to use with no connection to a pressurized water system required.
  • High flow rate ensures communities have easy access to clean and safe water, no matter the water source.
  • No loss of Natural Minerals and no chemicals are required.
  • Young children can attend school, no longer required to walk long distances to fetch water.
  • Household income is no longer consumed by unnecessary medical costs resulting from preventable sicknesses.
  • Deforestation is slowed as communities no longer need to burn wood in order to boil drinking water.
  • Plastic water bottle pollution is substantially reduced as bottled water is no longer an aid necessity.

*Pathogen: An organism which causes disease to its host; comprising viruses, unicellular and multicellular eukaryotes including bacteria, fungi, protozoa, worms and viruses.

“We have water in our dams and rivers, but it is not safe for drinking. But now we have good news from NewCo Pro. Sydney 905 Filters, it kills all the bacteria, anything that can affect the water it kills. Now we have good drinking water; direct from the river, direct from the dams, and you can have it immediately. It will help us with our health.”

– Janet Maseko, Maasai Mara, Kenya

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