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Proactive Solutions for a Better Future

Our mission is to provide a proactive approach to global social and environmental challenges.

An established company with a global footprint, NewCo Pro’s core focus is to identify and develop key social and environmental initiatives fueled by innovative commercial technologies.

Global Investment Initiatives

Fundamental to NewCo Pro’s investment in a project is the imperative of opportunity for the improvement in socioeconomic and environmental circumstances on a global scale. With a solid financial foundation, NewCo Pro aims to proactively facilitate development and growth by partnering entrepreneurs with innovative solutions for a better future.

Sydney 905 Water Filters

These highly recommended filters will empower people and households to have their own contingency plan for the “all-time/anytime” provision of clean and safe water.


Fresh water, in sufficient quantity and quality, is essential for all aspects of life and sustainable development. It is a very good catalytic issue to facilitate the self empowerment processes. Water that is fit for human consumption must be clean and safe. It must be water that does not have offensive odor or color, making it undesirable and unpalatable, and deterring people from drinking it. It must be desirable to drink and people must have confidence that they can give it to their family with certainty that they are giving them water that is fresh, clean, clear, healthy and safe.

Million people lack basic water services

billion lack safely managed drinking water

billion people lack access to safely managed sanitation

million people still practice open defecation

At NewCo PRO we are committed to doing our best efforts to make the UN SDG´s a reality.

Business Submissions

Entrepreneurs who wish to submit their business for consideration, please complete the form below.

Proactive solutions for a better future.

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